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iTunes Title
24. "The Dance from the Knives"     
25. "Fuel"     
26. "Ice Age"     
29. "Folks"     
32. "Accidents"     
34. "The Machine"     
53. "Watergate"     
54. "Waiting for So Long"     
55. "Hurry"     
56. "???"     
57. "Euthanasia"     
58. "Wanted"     
59. "Chopping Wood"     
60. "Into the Jungle"     
61. "The Cascade"     
62. "Deadly Heroin"     
135. "Allow Your Presence"     
136. "Experiment"     
137. "Life Lies"     
138. "Corruption"     
139. "Satan's Seeds"     
140. "Distort The Image Insert the Pain"     
141. "Release The Fact"     
142. "Long Speaches"     
Juan Mutant

2004: Iris Is Missing22/08/69Sampler • Classic Whitehouse Red In Nairobi Versus MoabitFollow The DollarNadja Pagana Kreativ System Buenos Aires Argentina
2005: Today I Woke Up And Was Back To Life • I Don't Have That Album • Juan Mutant vs Tnatum Nauj • The End of Deliriant Mutant • Pink House Red • The Real Sampler
2006: IconoclastaExtreme File X • My 1st Opera • Out From the Wall • Iris Is Detected • 0 Gates • Extreme File Soil • Extreme File Error • Cold StaticTransmutanderthal
2007: Krash Down • Nonsense Appeal • Endless Mortality • End of Joking Madness • Pack Man • Knock Out • End of the Night • Out of Order • The Relief
2008: Muzak SamplerZen Sampler • Iris Is Found • Gay Games

Groups: Deliriant Mutant • Nadja Pagana Kreativ System • De Eenheid • Boris Karloff y las Guadañas

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