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1. "Kill the Dog In You"     
21. "Tomorrow Never Comes"     
26. "Slow Impact"     
45. "Nadja Pagana"     
56. "Battlefield"     
57. "Battlefield"     
58. "Battlefield"     
59. "Battlefield"     
Juan Mutant

2004: Iris Is Missing22/08/69Sampler • Classic Whitehouse Red In Nairobi Versus MoabitFollow The DollarNadja Pagana Kreativ System Buenos Aires Argentina
2005: Today I Woke Up And Was Back To Life • I Don't Have That Album • Juan Mutant vs Tnatum Nauj • The End of Deliriant Mutant • Pink House Red • The Real Sampler
2006: IconoclastaExtreme File X • My 1st Opera • Out From the Wall • Iris Is Detected • 0 Gates • Extreme File Soil • Extreme File Error • Cold StaticTransmutanderthal
2007: Krash Down • Nonsense Appeal • Endless Mortality • End of Joking Madness • Pack Man • Knock Out • End of the Night • Out of Order • The Relief
2008: Muzak SamplerZen Sampler • Iris Is Found • Gay Games

Groups: Deliriant Mutant • Nadja Pagana Kreativ System • De Eenheid • Boris Karloff y las Guadañas

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